A range of human love, hatred, friendship, liking, dislike, envy, etc.



All this senses complete the humans life. One famous philosopher said: “ if you love, you feel alive, but if you don’t, you just a walking soul.” If human sense of love is strong – he is happy and he feels safe and his heart is filled with joy. Friendship. To have a true friend is much more than to have a lots of money. If you have a true friend, kind friend, who care for you when you feeling down, or can teach you to smile and laugh again when you are sad, – you can consider your self as lucky! It’s a big joy, when you have someone – right one, realizing just whom you really are inside and loving you for it. Hope. We can’t live without it. We all hope for our dreams come true, we hope that we grow to love one person madly1, blissfully2, until the end of our life, and we all hope, that we have one piece of ridiculous3 stupendous4 luck:…like a mammoth5 lottery win;…like a long meeting with the person we most admire6;…like becoming a star, a leader;…like taking a long, long holiday in a place that captures7 our hearts.

“…If we able to love deeply, grow strong friendships, have timely rewording work and develop that central base to happiness, a commitment8 to our own personal values.9” /Helen Exley/

1. Mad – pamises, beprotis.2. Blissful – laimingas, palaimingas.3. Ridiculous – juokingas, absurdiskas, kvailas.4. Stupendous – nuostabus, stulbinantis, didziulis, milziniskas; nepaprastai, nenusakomai svarbus.5. Mammoth – mamutas; milziniskas, didziulis.6. Admire – 1) susizaveti; geretis. 2) amer., snek. – troksti.7. Capture – 1) paemimas nelaisven, sulaikymas; 2) grobis; 3) prizas.8. Commitment – 1) isipareeigojimas; pazadas; 2) iteikimas, perdavimas; 3) (nusikaltimo) ivykdymas9. Value – vertingumas, verte; reiksme.