A letter to those who organize actions against narcotics.

People have a lot of problems nowadays. But some of them a person creates by his own. We frequently see smoking teenagers with a can of beer. Most of us saw syringes in the street. And I can hardly imagine what will become those people in 10-15 years. It is awful to see, how girls and boys of my age are slowly dying.

A large majority of narcotic addict people say that they started using drugs because of bad life, their families orr lots of problems. But in my opinion there is one more reason, why teenagers try drugs – there is too much information in mass media. All these words about LSD, heroin, cannabis are like commercials and advertisements for us. More we listen about narcotics, more we want to try. When we hear lectures about drugs at school, about LSD, cannabis, about feelings of people, who tried it, it is not a surprise for me, that after those lectures someone has deecided to try narcotics. For example my friend said me: “Now I know about drugs a lot. Also I know that if I try a portion of cannabis or LSD only once, I would not become a drug addict person. Di

id not you hear a lecture about this?” I did not know what to answer, because he was right. After the first time he would not become a drug addict person. But statistics says that cannabis is the first step on a narcotic addict person’s way. What is more, my friend noticed, that there are accidents, when drunk people kill somebody, but there are a few incidents, when a person after trying cannabis committed something similar.

Now teenagers know too much about drugs, so it is very hard to insure them, that cannabis is also a narcotic. They are afraid of cocaine or heroin, but they do not understand the importance of not trying any kind of a substance which maakes a person use it more and more often, whether it is it alcohol or tobacco, cannabis or heroin.

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