A letter to a host family in USA

Dear Father and Mother of a Host Family

The posibility of spending 10 months with You is a true pleasure for me. Let me introduce myself. I come from a medium-size town Zawiercie. For the last year I have been living in a capital city Warsaw but I have been living for some time in Katowice and Kołobrzeg too. Moving from one town to another was always a great adventure but although I was a bit worried about my future in such a new place I managed to overcome initial problems, I made new friends and learnt how to live in new environment. I believe ,that now when I am older, I will be able to fit myself to your family in different country. It could help me very much to have a new brother or sister of my age. I am aware that living in the States is not the same as in any place in Poland and it is not only the problem of language. One must know how to travel, how to buy things, how to telephone and even how to use household appliances. This I hope I will learn from you. What is concerning the school itself I am used to work hard but because I am keeping late hours I have a tendency to oversleep. I know that I have to get better with it. In Poland we are doing our homework mostly at home but because I have a room on my own ( not a big one ) it helps me to concentrate on what I am doing and not to disturb others. I don’t know how it will look like in the States. Maybe I will work more at school or in the library. I will appreciate it very much if you correct my language errors each time I make them. To be a member of your family means for me to share a part of other children responsibilities and after some time of training I hope to cope with this.

Looking forward to seeing you soon