A letter fom a holiday.

El Arenal, Mallorca, Spain
July 14th

Dear Mark,
I am writing to you, because I want to tell you about my holiday. My parents, my brother and I are on Mallorca, on a beach holiday. We have been here for two weeks. We have already been here twice.
We are having w wonderful time. The weather is beautiful. The sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky. For most of the time we’re sunbathing and swimming in the see. We also sppend a lot of time by the swimming pool. We have been to Valldemossa, the place, where Chopin and George Saint had lived and Puerto de Soller – a wonderful harbour, where you can taste fresh squeezed orange juice. We have also been rafting. We had a lot of fun, but I was really scared. Now I am learning, how to dive and my brother is learning with me. Tomorrow, we’re going to the caves. I have heard that it is quuite cold there! It was a really busy week, so now I am resting.
Well, that’s all for now. See you soon!

Love, Janet

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