A detective story

It was a cold autumn evening. There were no people and cars in the streets. It was raining and was a wet wind. All people were asleep, only one middle aged man looked from the window to the darkness and was waiting for his son.The son went to the disco, but it was time to come back. The father was worried, because he was never late. The pain suddenly chained his heart, he understood that something terrible happen with his son. As fast as he could he run to the police, then called to the friends and neighbours. The police and the neighbours were looking for a boy everywhere, but they couldn’t find him. They had been looking for him till the sunrise. They had been looking for him in the clubs, pubs and discotheques. The struggles were futility, he was disappeared. The next day soldieries began looking for a boy in the forests , in the lakes and in the rivers. They couldn’t find him. The father thought that he would die from his pain if his son didn’t come back.The man from the hospital rang him two days later. There was his son in the hospital. He was injured by the car accident and he was in coma. The father was very worried but he said ,,Thank God!He is alive!_