The ever Moscow

The capital of russia experienced all historic crises and lighted for the new gloss.

That giant city looks like as, if it was built withaut a plan. It is like a peculiar improvisation. There surprise as bigger than any where Else streets, hauses and sobors. Still, such giant fulness doesn’t drown ancient architektures of monument.

Especially pleasant and extraordinary favour of Moscow peaple is meet not only in a busy market by old Arbat, but in a district byy new Arbat as well.

Once old Arbat was a centre of art and literature, but today it is a colorful and busy street. In this street predominate little Shops, cafes, numerous street artists and musicians.

Till 1712 Moscow was a capital of Russia and one of the biggest rities of europe.

No daubt, the Kremlin is the most valuable and most beautiful monument of Russian architecture. Red brick building with twenty towers was built in the XV – XVI century.

Around Kremlin and red sgguare stand valuable buildings of the XV – XVI century. The sky scrapers are from concrete and glass. The world glory theatres, as well as big theatre and wonder ful musiems beare witness against deeply established culture of Russian Nations.

Many years th

he capital of big Russia was only bastion or Kremlin, but around the rings a settlement was developed. Now without bastion with devensine walls drag wide prospects, railway lines, the old city guarters, Big Theatre, large St Bazil Catedral and RED sguare.

Red sguare since beginning of Middle Ages was by Kremlin on the bank of Moscow river, which is set in a middle of a settle. Today in sarcofag made of glass lie Lenin remains. Lenin founded “Cauncil Union”. This place is numerously visited by foreign visitors.

In 1147 on the 4th of April the city of Moscow was established.

Abaut 8,5 million people live in Moscow and some of them are of Europian and Asian origin.

1703 – in mouth of Neva Peter I built Peterburg &##8211; ” window to Europe “.

1856 – was built three floor universal shop of Gum with large galleries.

1910 – was built delicatessen shop, which was called Gastronom no. 1.

1929 – was built club of council workers.

1935 – the first metro of Moscow started to go.

1956 – the Big Theatre opened the door.

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