Recycling is an important issue nowadays

Recycling is an important issue nowadays. Why is this and what can we do to support it?

We are recycling more and more, the waste problem continues to grow by leaps and bounds. There are many more disposable products available today than ever before. Besides, landfill contents are getting more and more toxic with all the computer cast-offs and techno trash. Even many common household items, such as batteries, insect sprays, plastic products, disposable razors and hairsprays contain dangerous toxic chemicals thhat pose serious health risks and worsen the waste problem. What can we do? When we hear the slogan “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle,” we often forget that these terms are listed in order of importance. Reduce is most important, followed by re-use, and only lastly, recycle.

What are some of the benefits of waste reduction? Firstly it keeps waste from being produced in the first place. It is better to not create garbage than to have to figure out what to doo with it later. Secondly it conserves materials, energy and cash. If you reduce energy requirements and material usage, lower costs will follow. Finally it reduces pollution and greenhouse gases. It takes energy to produce and transport products and packaging ma

aterials. Lighter materials and less packaging require less energy. Using less energy means less fuel burned to make the product and less gas burned to deliver it, which means that fewer pollutants are released and less carbon dioxide is emitted. A small savings in production translates to big savings on down the line.

Here’s one simple idea – challenge yourself to make Garbage-Free Lunches. Use a lunch box rather than brown bags. Eat in rather than eating out. Buy in bulk and bring your yogurt in re-usable jelly jars rather than individual throwaway containers. Pack a cloth napkin, a place setting and silverware that can be washed. Bring a thermos. What is more healthier and cheaper for you.

Some control of thhe waste problem rests in our choices. Do we choose individually wrapped containers, or buy in bulk? Do we visit the Re-Use Center on Ellsworth and buy quality used products? Do we buy durable items and maintain them, or buy flimsy throwaway products? Here’s another of those old sayings that’s still true today, “You get what you pay for!”

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