What does it mean to be a teacher

The advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher

School takes up a very important part in students’ life. There they spend twelve years of them life. The school becomes like a second home to them. There they grow up, learn to love, to forgive and to be friend. The school is the first step to the greet life. The most important person in school is the teacher. He/she helps students to know life; he/she opens the door to unknown worlds.
The pr rofession of teacher is one of the oldest in the world. In ancient times the most educated person was a teacher, he/she was teaching not only one or two subjects what teacher do now but he/she teaching four or five different subjects. Teacher was a big authority to students. He/she was hold in high respect. The students respected him/her but at the same time afraid of his/her stick. In ancient times a physical punishments was used at students. So if st tudents did not listen to teacher, did not work or learn they were punished. Times were changing so the system of education was changing too. One teacher teaching one or two subjects, the physical punishment was forbidden. In ancient times te

eacher was like orchestral conductor, nowadays teacher is like a friend or adviser of students, who shows or advises the students how to learn or to do something.

Teachers use many metaphors to describe what they do. Sometimes they say they are like actors because ‘they are always on the stage‘, or they are like gardeners because ‘they plant the seeds and then watch them grow’. Dictionaries also give a variety of messages about teaching. According to the Cambridge International Dictionary of English ‘teaching’ means ‘to give (someone) knowledge or to instruct or train (someone), The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English suggests that it means ‘to show somebody how to do something’ or ‘to change somebody’s ideas’.

Teacher’s job is very in nteresting but at the same time is very difficult. Teaching is a multi-faceted profession because of this there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher.

The first advantages of being a teacher could be – an interesting job. Teachers always meet and communicate with interesting people. Sometimes teacher has to go to seminars or to work on probation. Also he/she can go to abroad and see how foreign students learning, so he/she has a chance to see a wo
orld and there to meet interesting people too. Teacher can organize excursions and together with students go to visit some interesting towns of them country. So teacher can do a lot of interesting things in his/her job.

Teaching is a complex job. The teacher has not only to teach students but he/she has to be a friend to them. He/she should be interested in the students’ world: their problems, fashions, views to life, enjoyments. If a teacher works a long time, he/she must not lag behind the students’ life because times change and students change too. So the second advantage of being a teacher is that the teacher’s profession does not allow to become older.

The third advantages of being a teacher could be that teacher can have a lot of children. All his/her students can be like his/her own children. It is good for teacher especially if he/she has not his/her own family and children. Then his/her students are a family for him/her and teacher does not feel lonely.

Disadvantages of being a teacher could be these: teacher has not much free time for his/her family, he/she forgets his/her own children, he/she has to work not only at school but at ho
ome too, teacher’s pay is not very big. So teacher has not much free time for himself/herself and his/her family. Sometimes teachers forget their own children. They spend more time with students then they own children. Sometimes teachers are strict with own children but indulged with students and they agree with students but they can not understand them own children at home. That is because teacher spends a lot of time at school with students and has not free time for his/her children. But a good teacher has to coordinate his/her job with family and has to find free time for them.

Teachers spend a lot of time at school and even they have to work at home: to make lesson plans, to grade papers, to do all that paper work about class. They have to visit their pupils at home, to check their living conditions and so on. A teacher has many responsibilities and the reward for that is not always appropriate. We all know that teachers’ pay is not very big. For good teachers salary is not very important thing in them life. These teachers do not worry about money. The important thing for them is students and their ag
ge. If teacher is a good at his subject and he/she want to make money, he/she could give private lessons. He/she could have a few groups of students and he/she could have a second salary for his/her private lessons.

So teaching is very difficult job because teacher has two jobs. The first job is to give his/her knowledge to students. The second job is to be a compass in students life. It means that teacher should give directions to students. He/she should direct them in an honest way of life. The best pay for his/her hard job is to see his/her ex-students who are good people and have good development.

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