Utena town is a regional and district center. It is one of the oldest town in Lithuania, first mentioned in 1261. According to the legent the town founded duke Utenis. It is said, that oldish Utena was about 3 kilometer southwest of present Utena. Utena suffered from war or conflagration very often, anyway small town recovered very quickly. When the railway and highway built, enlivened trade with another towns. In 1924 Utena was granted rights of a minor town. From 1964 Utena is region ceenter. Seeking develop Lithuanian industry Utena Tricot Factory produced its first products. In 1976 the Utena Meat Products Factory was put into operation, the next year saw the birth of Utena Brewery, in 1981 – the Dairy Products Factory. Still later was starting to act Bread Bakery Besides new Health Center built in 1974. In 1982 town limits was large, industry was widening too. In the town wasn’t very much school. ,,Saulės gymnasium” is the oldest one in Utena. It was starting to work in 19918. Utena local museum was starting to act in about 1929. Well – known historic memorial of Utena is old Post offis The history of Utena is very interesting.

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