[I] Introduction:
What exactly is a U.F.O? Where do they come from? What do they want from us? Well, a UFO is an unusual airborne object that cannot be identified, even after an expert examination. 90 Percent of these reports are either Hoaxes, Conventional objects, or some poor person going insane. The other 10 percent is considered UFO enigma.

[II] History:
The data of the first UFO sighting is not known. Some researchers say that UFO sightings date back to ancient times. There is no evidence for this speculation, so it is just a thought. Most researchers though mark the beginning of sightings in the United States un the later 1800s, they were called “The Mystery Airships”. The next major fleet of sightings were during the second world war, from pilots who say they say metal like objects floating in the sky. These fighter pilots called them “foo fighters”. And in 1947 in Europe, there were sightings of silent “ghost rockets”. None of these speculations were ever entirely explained.
The UFO phenomenon entered the publics eye on June 24, 1947, at 2:44am, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold reported sighting nine circular objects in the skies over the state of Washington. He (Kenneth) described these objects like “saucers skipping over water”. There the term Flying Saucer was born.

[III] UFO Waves:
Since 1947 there have been UFO sightings in almost every country. Sometimes there is something called a UFO wave, which for a short time UFO sighting increase rapidly in one certain area. For instance, UFO waves occurred in France and Italy in 1954, in New Guinea in 1958, and in the USSR in 1967. In the United States and Canada, waves happened in 1947, 1952, 1957, 1965-67, and in 1979. Nobody can explain ANYTHING about these waves. Attempts to link them with hysteria, mentality and stress have all failed.

[IV] Facts and Polls:
There are thousands of sightings each year. In 1973, a Gallup poll said that 11 percent of the American public has had an encounter with a UFO. More then 500,000 worldwide sighting reports have been computerized. A study of these reports are random and show no pattern. Witnesses cut across economic, class, race and educational lines. However, a greater percentage of these reports have come from people living in rural areas, then from people living in urban areas. The reason for this……. UNKNOWN!

[V] Sightings:
Witnesses report many, many different shapes and sizes of UFO’s, even shape changing ones. The famous “Two bowls joined at the rim” shape is reported often, but reports of objects shaped like cigars, squares, balls, triangles, rings, and GUITARS are also common.
Most of these reports are of objects from far away, but reports of close encounters also exist. Some of the most interesting sightings, are reported on or near the ground. Often the person claims that the ship left a mark or something on the ground, this is called a “Trace Case”. Sometimes these cases are said to make mechanical or electrical things to go haywire. For instance, a car stalling, a computer going haywire, a T.V. blowing up, ECT.
Claims of witnessing a UFO have come from sober, reliable people. These reports, however, have to be separated from the “contactees”, who claim they have been a part of the Alien Brotherhood, who gave them UFO rides to other times and planets.

[VI] Government Projects:
The U.S. Air Force attempted to study UFO’s from 1948-69 with the Blue Book Project. After collecting reports for 21 years, it concluded the UFOs did not represent a threat to the United States (at war that is). But, in 1953 the U.S. thought that the USSR might be using the UFOs as a warfare weapon against them. So, from 53-69 that is all the United States were thinking about, and never considered any of this to be a unique phenomenon.

[VII] Conclusion:
I have learned a great amount of things from doing this project. There are many people out there studying these sightings, and reports. People using their own funds to figure out what exactly is up there. I feel bad for these people, for in my mind, I think all of the UFO stuff is just abnormal weather conditions. Now, the close encounters on the ground, I can’t explain that, could be hysteria, or booze. Or maybe, just maybe, there is something out there, just waiting to be found. I still think because of the lack of information, UFO sightings are the most mysterious in the world, OR BEYOND!