types of traveling

Types of travelling

Crossing: a journey by boat to the other side of the sea.Cruise: a holidau spent on a large ship wich visits a number of places.Expedition: an organized journey that is made for a particular purpose such as exploration.Flight: a journey made by flying, especially in an aeroplane.Hitch-hiking: a travel by walking, with occasional rides in passing cars.Journey: a trip or expedition to a considerable distance, a journey of three days or a three days’ journey, to reach one’s journey’s end.Package Tour: a holiday arranged by a travel company in wich your travel and accomodation are booked for you.Tour: a journey in which a short stay is made at a number of places, the traveller usually returning finally to the place from which he had started.Trip: a journey that you make from one place and back again.Voyage: a voyage by sea or along a river, to go on a voyage.Hike: trip by foot.