Last summer I was in Turkey. As I remember it was one of the hottest summer’s I have ever lived by. The journey lasted about three hours using airplane service. When our plane was landing in one of the Turkey’s airports I saw the first views of this interesting country.

It was not really attractive surroundings. The buildings were old, with no windows. The streets were divided with a help of beautiful flowers. Another strange thing was that all women weere wearing black wraps that no face could be seen. It was unbelievable for me to see such things.

Half an hour we were driving to one of the most impressive places all over the world – Anatolia. This resort is known for its extensive beaches, rocky bays and wooded shores. The area is also endowed with great natural beauty and numerous centers of attraction.

You can do all kind of sports there, as an example I was playing tennis, basketball, shooting annd etc. Turkey is known for its stomach dance. You can see this marvelous dance in every pub or restaurant. Speaking about souvenirs, you can buy them everywhere. As our national stone is amber they’re stone is marble. It’s quite an

n expensive souvenir, but I have bought it for recollection. Now I would like to speak about places of interest. It was very interesting to visit one of the world wonders. I am speaking about Pamukkale – spectacular white petrified cascade formed by waters of hot springs.

Mentioning Food and drink, Turkish coffee houses are found even in the smallest villages. In the main cities there are restaurants serving international food “kebab”. I have tasted this dish and I can say that it was quite exceptional and tasty. The national Turkey drink is Raki.

No doubt that you all ought to visit Turkey, because it is a country full of free-time entertainment, historical places and other miracles. So don’t miss the chance to viisit this marvelous country.

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