Travel Tips for Tourists

Travel Tips for Tourists There are certain things you should remember if you want to get the most out of a visit to my country.Climate: First of all, I want to talk about climate. It is very important thing, which you must know well, if you like to stay longer there. Our climate is inclement. If you are going there in winter take more clothes, because our average winter’s temperature is about –5 Celsius, but sometimes it falls to –25, or rises to +10. In summer there is hot. Before going there better see our weather preview and decide what clothes to take. Accommodations: We have lots of living places. If you want to live in high-class hotel you must pay much money. Then you will have TV, private bath and toilet, phone and other conveniences. But if you living stand is average, you better choose room in private houses. There will be fewer conveniences, but I think that is enough for you to spend time well. Food: Food is one of the most important things in our life. So during your visit in our country, I wouldn’t be wrong saying, that you buy food there. We have a lot of assortments of it. There are lots of shops, market or even supermarkets. So the choice is very big. Prices differ subject to good quality. So, don’t worry about food.Transport: One good way of seeing the country is to travel by train. In the cities you can take a bus or a trolleybus or even to rent a bike. Tickets prices are not high. My country is very beautiful, we have seaside, one of the higher TV tower and other famous and lovely places.

Welcome to Lithuania!