Every time when I head word challenge it’s associate to me like some competition or something like that. But it’s totally wrong. Every person has a lot of challenges in his all life. From the born.

From the childhood every child has very important challenge, they must do one but very important challenging job in their lives, it’s to go first steps. And it’s very important to babies because he saw much bigger world with his own eyes without any pictures. br />
When people became teenager he has o lot more life challenges. Like when start smoke, drink, how to choose friends, when start sexual life. And it’s very important to teenager to take this life challenges very seriously, because it can change all their lifes.

Challenges are used as opportunities for growth to reach the set tasks, because all challenges help us to come through. The adults have much more challenges then we, they are frightening with illness, family issue, and job lo ost, death these peoples has challenges to do the best for them self and their families. They trying to see the world’s beauties side and it’s like incentive to do the better life. So it means that challenges can help us

s to do the things which make our life better.

If the human hasn’t do any challenges for himself , probably he hasn’t have no reason to make his and his family life better, because if we say that we can something important we will be trying to do this anyway and , in my opinion, it’s the main reason of challenges.

Natural And Cultural Heritages

Our planet is very beautiful. All her beauty was made in two ways: by her selh and by human. It’s very important to preserve earth natural and cultural heritages.

First of all, we need to preserve natural heritages because it’s very important places, they develop millions years and now we see what is like. Also it’s very important for sp parse species of animals. We should preserve cultural heritages, because it’s important to show the rising generations what kind of buildings, architecture was long time ago. All old buildings and other cultural heritages remind us about past events, which is very important to our parents. Now the most architectural buildings are modern style. But it’s very beautiful to see old style buildings. For example no one of can’t imagine Moscow without Red square, or Paris without Louvre or Eiffel tower. Yo

ou can’t also imagine Norway without fjords. A lot of World heritages we can see in China. China is beauty for her architecture and landscape. For example Great China Wall, which was built many years ago by Chinese, to protect themselves from the invaders? UNESCO is organization which preserves World Heritages in all over the world.

The wars and disasters are destroying world heritages so we should preserve them. It’s very important for the tourism to show peoples from other countries natural and cultural heritages.

It’s really important to preserve our world Heritages because it’s unique places in our world.

Science and technology

Every day we hear about new inventions and discoveries. We can’t imagine our present days without machines which helps us do house chore it’s washing machine, hoover, cooker and other. also we can’t imagine medicine without syringe, X-ray machine, surgery. all these inventions and discoveries was made in case to help people.

In ancient cultures people were living shorter than we do, because there was a lot of untreatable diseases till the scientists discover cures and the main cure was penicillin which was discovered by Fleming. Penicillin saves millions peoples lives, because this drug kills bacteria’s. By the ages scientists made a

lot of inventions which are used now like flying machine, car, steam engine, locomotion, people start travel in space. Many of use a computers and can’t imagine world without internet, where we can find all information, buy things we are needed, chat with people and other which was very useful.

Now day’s people are making more difficult discoveries. Again and again we hear about robots that can do almost all house work maybe some day it replace human. Lasers are used to do the operations which save lives. There are some diseases which still are untreatable like AIDS, but scientists all the time are trying to find the cure.

Also people find the way how to clone animals, the first cloned animal was sheep named Dolly, and she is still alive, good health and lives like the simple sheep. On the one hand I think that it’s good to clone animals because you can clone livestock to feed a lot of nations who are starving also I think it’s good to clone the internal organs, because many people are waiting for a new heart, kindney, medullas. It’s very hard when you see a little child waiting for some organs to
o transplantation. So cloning organs can be simple way to save many peoples lives. On the other hand I disagree with that opinion that cloned peoples can work like some machines. I think it’s out of humanity. For example clones would be all same. But our world is being made different we all have our own opininios, interests, characters. And I think that it’s stupid to destroy the laws of nature.

In conclusion I think that our knowledge is getting bigger and bigger by the help of scientists and inventors and we can believe that some day there will be perfect government. And all the work will be replaced by robots, there will be no untreatable diseases, and we live in peace.

Traditional and Tricky Jobs

All of us from the childhood dreamed about our jobs, the most boys dreamed about policeman, fireman profession. Girls dreamed about teachers, nurses, hairdresser professions. By the age we start think seriously which part of job we will take because it’s two parts of job: traditional and tricky jobs.

First of all, person whose character is slow passive most choose traditional professions it’s doctors, lawyers, businessman, teachers and other. In these jobs they needn’t risk their lives and it’s completely save jobs. I think that I would like to have traditional job too. However some people choose tricky jobs maybe because they have active life they are looking for extreme situations and it’s good for them. People choose tricky jobs as soldiers, circus artists, stunts. These jobs bring to human a lot of adrenalin which make peoples feel good. Also it’s rewarding jobs. In fact, most of people in the world choose traditional professions, because in my opinion it will be stupid to risk life in the job and risk my family future.

Most people in middle age are workers. They are taking a lot of different professions. It’s traditional or tricky jobs. People choose jobs by themselves, by their likes and dislikes.

Many people like us some times think about famous people life. Being famous bring a lot of money. But also they haven’t got any free time. We just can thing that being famous is very easy live.

Famous people can do much more than we. First of all, traveling round the world. It’s a god opportunity to see other countries culture and take a look with other countries. Many singers take a tour to other countries to made concert. Furthermore, it’s a lot of attention. People are coming from over the world to see some famous person. When the USA president came to Vilnius. To see him come people from all Lithuania. Also, famous people make a lot of money. Famous people are rich so they can do anything what they want.

Famous peoples life is very hard. In fact, it’s very hard to be in focus. They haven’t got private life because journalist are looking up for the facts from private life. Princes Diana died for the journalist fault. Although, they can’t go shopping to the usual supermarket. People will be asking an autographs so what kind of shopping it will be. Also, famous people risk their and their families life. Some people who hate them can try to kill or do something bad. Michael Jackson hides his child faces to protect them.

All in all, some people might dream about famous life, but have we ever thought what kind of life is that.

In the eyes of nature we are just another species in trouble

Many years ago people lived in nature, there was harmony between man and nature. During the time, people started cutting trees because they build much more bigger buildings. Wood was needed for developing towns and industries. Soon people want more and more from nature.

There are a lot of very serious problems in the world. First of all, air pollution, witch came from factories, cars and burning forests. Smoke and poisonous fumes are dangerous and people are suffering from breathing difficulties and stomach problems. Fumes bring to the air more dioxide it caused wormer weather. Because of worm weather, rivers began to dry and animals can’t survive. We can’t drink water from the seas and without rivers we’ll died too. If industry would be more modern it wouldn’t bring to air so much pollution.
Furthermore, water pollution is also very big problem, factories pour chemicals into the rivers, water became poisonous and animals or people witch drink that water could dye.
People are cutting down rainforests and destroying animals living places. Also rainforests make oxygen. Without oxygen every thing disappear.
In the cities people drop their rubbish everywhere. And not all the time people clean it, so in rubbish live rats and mice whose spread disease. This way is the shortest to the epidemic.
Animals couldn’t live in human created conditions and specie after specie is disappearing. I think, that peoples are the same specie, which are in trouble. Some time we could disappear too. In my opinion, we should try to make living conditions better and try to stop animals disappearing from this planet.
In conclusion, people should try to understand that they are destroying our planet ant till it’s not late human should try to change this situation instead of destroying planet farther.

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