Tigers head/body length: 5 feet 10 inches- 9 feet 1 inch; tail length: 36 inches; weight: 350-550 pounds; shoulder height three feet or less. Eyes are large with excellent vision. Hearing is good with well developed flaps. They have large canine teeth and strong, powerful jaws. Paws are heavily padded; claws are retractable. Tiger prefers to eat deer, wild pigs, young buffalo, young elephants and cattle in general, any prey over 100 pounds in weight. But when driven by hunger will eat almost anything: fowl, fish, lizards, frrogs, crocodiles, carrion, or even humans, on occasion. Tigers are heavier predators than lions, and average about 50 deer each, per year. Only one hunt in 20 is successful. Usually solitary, but occasionally travels in parties of 3 or 4 (probably mother with sub-adult children or an estrous female and suitors). Maximum longevity is about 26 years. Tigers are good swimmers.

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