“Through the Eyes of Foreigners”

In this article was talking about Lithuanian people, they customs, culture and foreigners impressions. The most interesting subject for me was “What you can expect from the Lithuania people”. How can Lithuanians be labeled? What features set them apart from other people? It is true that hospitality is an inborn feature. The guest always sleeps on the most comfortable bed and is served the most delicious food that the host can provide. Foreigners notice this and emphasis that Lithuanians are friendly and always try to help.After getting to know Lithuanians better, visitors from other countries see them as open, communicative and honest people.Foreigners visitors say that Lithuanians seem to know how to enjoy life. They are inquisitive, keen to learn and to discover new things, very intelligent and intellectual. Also they pay a lot of attention to their history and are proud of it. Although we call ourselves a constantly whining nation, some think of us constantly smiling people.Not only men but also women notice the beauty, grace and femininity of the girls. They said that the most appealing features of the women are their strong will, their ability to express their own opinions and their independence. Foreigners also praise the clean streets in the cities and towns and the excellent roads, but wonder why drivers cannot be more polite. However everyone foreigner sees Lithuania in a slightly different way. And although Lithuanians are describing ourselves like jealous and complainers many of foreigners notice quite different features in us.