the weather in Lithuania

How would you describe the weather in Lithuania. What kind of weather do you like the best and the least? Why? Describe Lithuania’s weather in connection with seasons.

The weather is an important part of every human’s life. Millions of people tune into the weather forecast each evening on television. Most of them are eager to know the up-to-the-minute information about weather conditions.

It strikes me that, the weather in Lithuania is the national talking point and majority of people watch att least one daily bulletin. The weather in Lithuania is very changeable and controversial. Lithuania‘s climate is mild, it is transitional between maritime and continental. The average winter temperature is -5 degrees Celsius while the average summer temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. Annually, there are from 40 to 100 foggy days and from 15 to 30 days with thunderstorms.

In addition to this, we have four different seasons a year. I assume that the weather has the influence on one’s mood. In fact, the season whhich I admire the most is summer. I am keen on sunny, scorching weather. Such weather makes me feel the best. It is wonderful to wake up in the early mornings when the sun is shining brightly. I am dead ce

ertain, it is very rare to find a person who doesn’t like summer, because it is time when everybody is on holiday.

However, the season which I can’t stand is winter.Winter makes me feel under the weather. The air is chilly and it is freezing in most of the days. Furthermore, people in Lithuania most of the time complain about the weather in winter, they find it too windy, cloudy. Frequently it is really difficult to undergo all blizzards, hails and sleets. But, on the other hand, it is the best season for those who are interested in winter sports. For instance, little children are fond of playing snowballs and making snowmen , older ones go in for skating and skiing.

Moreover, Spring iss a wonderful season. It is the time when nature wakes up from winter sleep. The days become longer and nights shorter. The ground is covered with fresh green grass and the first spring flowers . Needless to say, it has some negative points and the main ones are, heaps of fogy and stormy days which makes you feel in low spirits.

Finally, the autumn is one of the worst seasons a year, because the weather becomes so changeable and unpredictable, be

ecause of it rapid cyclone changes. For example, one minute you can be cought in the downpour or torrential rain and after the few second the sun shines brightly again. I assume, autumn is the most stormy season, because it is difficult to find the day without breeze or gale.

In conclusion, the weather has become a focus of today’s society. It doesn’t matter where you live, you are always willing to collect the latest data about the weather conditions in your contry.

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