The Tower Of London

The Tower Of London

For over 900 years, The Tower of London has dominated the capital. As a Royal Palace, fortress, prison, place of execution, arsenal, Royal Mint and jewel house, it has witnessed many great events in British history.
Enter its gates, and you’ll soon see why The Tower IS London. You can explore the nation’s leading historic visitor attraction and the home of some of our greatest treasures. What is more, you will experience at first hand the myths and leegends that enrich the history of this great landmark. Entry includes:
Yeoman Warder ‘Beefeater’ Tours
Nobody knows more about the history of The Tower than the Yeoman Warders (popularly known as ‘Beefeaters’) who have guarded this fortress for centuries. They’ll captivate you with stories passed from generation to generation. Stand on the site where famous prisoners, including two of Henry VIII’s wives, were beheaded. Tours are held throughout the day.
The Crown Jewels
Introductory films offer a fascinating insight into Rooyal Pageantry and the Crown Jewels, with special colour footage of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Marvel at the Imperial State Crown, worn by the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament. Be dazzled by the largest cut diamond in the wo

orld, the Cullinan I, set in the Sovereign’s Sceptre. The Jewel House Wardens will be on hand to answer any questions about this priceless collection.
The Crowns and Diamonds Exhibition
Find out how English Royal Crowns developed over the centuries and learn the colourful stories of some of their famous stones.
The White Tower
The White Tower, begun by William the Conqueror around 1080, gives its name to the entire castle of The Tower of London. It is home to the Royal Armouries, the national museum of arms and armour and the museum of The Tower. See the refurbished galleries which include armours of Henry VIII and Charles I and reconstructions of the massed displays of arms and armour once housed inn the Grand Storehouse. In winter 1998-99, the Royal Armouries will open two further displays. Discover the restored ‘Line ofKings’, an impressive display of life-sized, wooden horses, crafted in the 17th Century and each mounted with a past monarch of England. And visit the ‘Spanish Armoury’ which features The Tower’s historic instruments of torture, including the Block and Axe.
The Medieval Palace
Step back into the 13th Century as costumed guides scenes of courtly life. Afterwards, stroll The Wall Walk with it
ts fine views of Tower Bridge and River Thames.

The Tower Bridge

About the venue Tower Bridge.
Over a 100 years ago, the Victorians built a bridge that has become one of London’s most famous landmarks. High level Walkways were built to allow people to cross the Thames is split whilst the Bridge was lifted to let tall ships come through.
Today these walkways act as viewing galleries, giving visitors the most spectacular views across an ever-changing London skyline.
At the Tower Bridge Exhibition you can enjoy these breathtaking views, learn about the history of the Bridge and how it was built from the interactive displays and videos. You can then visit the Victorian Engine Rooms home to the original steam engines that used to power the Bridge.

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