The story about him

I want to tell you a little bit about one of my friends. There was a guy, who was funny from any point of view. He was such an interesting person, that it’s hard to describe him. He was the guy, who has seen probably everything. One of the reasons is that he was changing his jobs as socks. He worked from a small town teacher to a big company driver and at last he finished as one company manager, where he seriously got stuck for the whole of his life. The other reason is that now he has a lot of money and he is adventure seeker. I hope he’ll not get heart attack one day from doing his extreme things. You would never believe. He is in his early sixties and he is doing sky-surfing, bungee jumping and others crazy things. Not talking about how much funny stories and jokes he will tell you being on the ground, he will always do something, what is so funny, that you can die and everywhere – in the sky or even under the water. You can find this out from the first conversation with him. Also sometimes it’s hard to make out what he is talking about. His one of the most repeated phrases is ,,The danger I face makes me to live better and longer”. Well, it looks that it’s true. If you will find him at home, the chances that he is watching a movie or lying on the sofa is one of a hundred. I don’t know why I am talking about him, but he is really a nice fellow. He is the person who can make you laugh even if you are the worst mood ever. I hope one day you will meet him. Then I can promise, that day is going to be the day, which you’ll never forget.