The Qualities That Parents Would Like To See In Their Children

At some point in their lives most people have considered what qualities they would like to see in their children. I presume that the subject of raising a child is very controversial and apparently contradictory in different countries, but on the other hand I can point out a few values such as an ability to communicate, obedience, loyalty that are of a great importance all over the world, while the others are rated as being of lesser importance.

From a social standpoint, the majority of patents seem to agree that good manners, a sense of responsibility are important qualities to teach their children. Needless to say, people from all around the word are proud of tolerant children who are respectful of other people’s beliefs by exposing them to different races and cultures. Interestingly, a sense of imagination ranked the lowest priority worldwide, although some nations stress the virtue of cultivating their youngsters’ far more important than the others. In addition to this, etiquette-minded people place the highest premium on politeness, while at the same time a few nations rated good manners as relatively unimportant. Furthermore, people are likely to esteem personal independence and conscientiousness at one’s work. Moreover, it is important to make sure that our children understand what decent values are. In order to have a well-mannered child, he should be taught to be polite from an early age. Children should be scolded for bad behaviour, which is an effective way of helping them to distinguish right from wrong.

Taking everything into account, parents should try to do their best to instil the paramount values in their children and place great importance on setting a good example to them, because children have a liking for imitating their parents.