The most wonderful teacher I know

The most wonderful teacher I know

I‘ll never forget the first time when I met my most wonderful teacher. I don‘t remember her name because I was at school on the 1-st of September, 1993, when I starte attending school. It is my first teacher at the primart school and she is a wonderful woman.

My teacher was a middle-aged woman of medium height with friendly almond-shaped brown eyes, a straight nose and delicate pink lips. When she smiled, there were dumples in n her cheeks. She had a round face, short blond hair and she was often casually dressed in a T-shirt and jeans.

My first teacher was very understanding and she always tried to tolerate student‘s opinions. I think that being a teacher you should be a warm-hearted and understanding person in order to listen to students‘ problems and to try to help and teach them.

My teacher had so many hobbies. She always liked to talk about something. One of my teacher‘s fa avourite hobbies was cycling. Sometimes she liked reading books and travelling.

My teacher was a fantastic person. We could learn so many things from her.

When I am thinking about my ex-teacher, I feel very happy because this woman was and is

s the most wonderful teacher I know.

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