The least important school subjects

There are many subjects and many teathers at school. Every subject is important for teather, which he teathes. But sometimes some subjects are not important for studens. Senior pupils are decided what they are going to study, and decided which subjects are the least important, so they can renounse some subjects. But younger studens can’t do that, so they had to study some, in my oppnion,not important subejcts. For me the least important school subjects are arts, music, and physical edducation. Firstly, if student is not gifted he can’t get good mark, for example from art or music. Not every student can draw or sing beautiful, so he gets low marks for his work. If student want he can go to special school. Secondly, there are no good cinditions for physical education in Lithuanian schools. After the physical education lesson it’s not good to go to others lessons with bad breath and etc. As we can seen these subjects are noot nessesary at school, because there are many special schools and gyms fot those subjects.

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