The environmental problems in the world and in Lithuania. Ways how to sold them.

The environmental problems in the world and in Lithuania. Ways how to sold them.

I’m going to speak abuot environmental problems in the world and in lithuania and some ways how to sold them. Firstrly there are many environmental problems in the world today ,such as littering, water and ear pollution, deforestation, acid rain. Many of them caused by people.

The problem of pollution is caused by people work wich have no good points in this way. As a result maany animals are losing their habitats and also it contributing to human health problems. Pollution caused ilness in poor countrys.

Forests are disappearing as trees are burnt or cut down. Deforestation resulting desertification, destruction of species. Human activity and life is changing the environmental in ways making our common future in jeopardy.

The environmental is in the mess. The planet is running out of time, pure air and pure water – wich is purely absurd.

In lithuania there are some environmetal problems buut I think that no so many like in usa or other big countrys. One big problem is polluted ear in the citys. Many people can’t buy new cars becauce they havn’t got a lot of money. Old cars polluted ai

ir so we have to breath the mixture of gases. As a result is big number of sick people. Other problem is liettering. Our society is producting too much packating and foodwaste wich are droppening just in the streets. As a result deseases spead more easily.

There are some ways how can we protect you environmental. Firstly we should teach our children that they should do only good things for our nature and protect it from acid rains, pollution and littering. I think that we should plant more trees, protect forests and jungles. We can use bicycles instead of cars.

Personally, i think, that the pollution wouldn’t be so bad and the life could be much healthier if only the human kiind would understand that we are the only who can save our environment from pollution.

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