The Character Sketch

The Character Sketch I. Selecting a SubjectII. Creating DescriptionIII. Including ActionIV. Developing a Character_s SpeechV. Including a Setting Pre-Writing Questions for the Character SketchA Person Who Made a Difference1. Name a person who has made a difference in your life and explain what the difference has been.2. If the person is a family member, where do you see him/her most often? If the person is not a family member, where did you meet him/her?3. What do other people think of this person? What might other people say about him/her?4. Picture this person. Describe him/her in as much detail as you can. Include facial features, physical appearance, clothing, manner of speech. 5. How does his/her appearance reflect his/her personality?6. When you picture this person, what do you think of him/her doing?7. Describe something special or memorable that happened between you. This should be an incident that shows how this person has made a difference in your life. The Character Sketch Format, author of Sentence Composing. First Paragraph (one sentence) Use the answers to your first two pre-writing questions to write the first sentence, but do not reveal the person_s name or identity.Second Paragraph (several sentences) In the first sentence of this paragraph, name the person, the person_s relationship to you, and include the information from pre-writing question 3. Then support that topic sentence with selected details from your answers to 4, 5, and 6. Don_t use all your details, just the ones that fit the topic sentence.Third Paragraph (several sentences) Write another paragraph that uses other details about your person from pre-writing questions 4, 5, and 6. Be sure to include a simile in the first sentence of this paragraph.Fourth Paragraph (several sentences) Write a paragraph about your answer to question 7.

Fifth Paragraph (one sentence) Write a final paragraph that summarizes why this person is important to you. It should connect back to your first paragraph.Remember–Show! Don_t Tell! Use action verbs instead of linking verbs.TABOO WORDS: has, had, is are, was, were, be been, a lot Character Sketch Editing Guide Answer yes or no. If no, fix!Write your title here:________________________________Paragraph 1a. Is it written in one sentence?______b. Do you say where you met this person or where you see this person most often?_____c. Do you tell how this person has made a difference to you?_____d. You should not use the character_s name!Paragraph 2 a. Does the first sentence name the person?_____b. Does the first sentence tell the person_s relationship to you?_____c. Do you adequately describe the character?_____ Physical______ Personality_____d. Did you use action verbs?_____ List at least two:_____, _____Paragraph 3a. Do you have a simile in your first sentence? Write it here:______________________________________________b. Do you continue to describe the character?________ Physical_____ Personality_____c. Did you use action verbs?_____List at least two:_____, _____Paragraph 4a. Do you describe one event shared by you and the character? _____b. Do you explain how this event has shown you the importance of your character?_____c. Did you use words or phrases which appeal to your senses?______ List two:_________, ___________Paragraph 5a. Is your final paragraph one sentence? _______b. Did you restate why this person is important to you?_____Revision: -Revise sentences with linking verbs. Use strong action verbs: Her long hair is blonde.*Her long blonde hair cascades over slim, rounded shoulders.-Add words or phrases which appeal to your senses.-Spelling? When in doubt, check it out!-Blah words? Consult a thesaurus?