Teenagers’ experience and survival in the wilderness

Two teenagers, Adrian Thomson and Peter Guthrie, face 18 months alone in the wilds of Alaska. They were ordinary boys, till they divised to rob a pizza delivery man. As this was their first offence, the State judge decided to punish them in accordance with Indian tribal custom.
So, instead of prison, boys were banished to Alaska. There, they had to learn how to survive from tribal elders. Boys had to live without music, computers, mobile phones, Tvs or radios. Only they weere checked on periodically and could contact the outside world even in case of emergency.
Now, about their wild life on an uninhabitedisland. Most of them are very mountainous and are covered with thick forests. Boys, were made to hunt, to eat everything, what was around them, like insects, rats or squirls. But the worst thing, which boys had eaten, was snake. Peter grabbed the snake, then hit her head and ate all her body. It was terrible. But when there issn‘t anything else to eat, snake isn‘t the worst thing. Also, they had eaten and better things like fish, whales, seals.
The other worst thing was cold. Teenagers had to sleep in minus six degrees Centigrade, without linen. Also, boys were fa

aced snowstorms and heavy rainfalls. It was so awful to overcome it. But the boys survived. Only after that, they were so exhausted.
For the tribal elders it seemed like a thought punishment good for the boys. It will teach them that criminal behaviour is wrong. And it will also build character.
So, in conclusion, I want to say, that such punishments will be good in the future. And it‘s better variant than a prison.

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