sightseeing in London

Sightseeing in London

Since the times of Roman Empire, London was one of the greatest commercial and social cities. What makes London famous nowadays is its historical heritage, kept many centuries, and modern buildings, built for the pleasure of the visitor.
So, London is divided into four parts: the City of London, the East End, the West End and Westminster. The City and the West End are the oldest parts of London and are called the heart of the capital. They have keept all the museums, theatres, picture galleries and gardens from the early ages. Westminster is a place containing the Government buildings. And the East End is the poorest part of the city, mostly inhabited by factory workers.
London is well known for its great number of parks and gardens, which are called as the lungs of London. Londoners love those parks and even have the ability to show off. The place where people share there opinions is called the Speaker’s Corner.
United Kiingdom is the mother of democracy, so Government buildings, located in London, are the sights which no one should miss. The Houses of Parliament is a unique building of the Baroque taste and it is easily recognized for its two to

owers: the Victoria Tower and the Clock Tower. The next stop in a tour of London is Westminster Abbey, which was built in the 15th century and is the place where the coronation of the English kings takes place. Here you can admire at historic monuments ant tombs of great men. The house of monarchy is Buckingham Palace, built in 18th century, is the residence of the Queen.

One of the greatest symbols of London is the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. It’s interesting that the Tower of London was used as a prison long time ago and this place has saved its unique appearance and historic items, which have been changed into perfect exhibits nowadays. The Tower Bridge sttretches not far from the Tower of London across the river Thames. It improves the traffic of cars and ships by raising and lowering. The image of this bridge has become the most popular and ordinary expression of London.
The most sparkling and twinkling place in London is Piccadilly Circus, situated in the West End. There are a lot of shopping centres, theatres and other places of entertainment, so it is a proper place to spend an unforgettable evening among huge cr
rowds of Londoners and other visitors.
It’s worthless to speak for hours about London, because the real value of this great city can be noticed only when visiting the capital of Europe on your own.

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