Should fashion take an important place in people’s life?

Every day designers are persuading people that fashion is very important in everyone’s life. In my opinion, fashion should not be very important in one’s life.To start with, there are more important things than fashion. I think it is more important how a person behaves than how he/she dresses, and when choosing clothes everyone should look for a garment which suits one’s personality and figure. For instance, sometimes you can notice a person wearing really fashionable clothes, but that person looks funny and sometimes silly, because those clothes do not suit him/her.Afterwards, if a person spends all his time and money looking for and buying fashionable clothes, he/she has no time and money for other things. This is especially true for people who buy costly designer clothes even if they do not have enough money, they get into debts. On the other hand, for some people it is necessary to dress fashionably, for example people who work with the public and reflect the image of their company. But still this does not mean that the only way to look fashionable is to buy latest fashion clothes. Usually well-made clothes can be the best choice.In conclusion, I think fashion is not the most important thing but still nobody wants to look out of place and everyone tries to keep up with fads. Although many people try to convince themselves that other things are more important, all know that “everyone is greeted after clothes”.