Hello! My name is Karolina. While presenting my topic, I’m going to concentrate myself on the motion “Shopping in our lives”.
In my speech, I’ll try to cover the following points: the types of shops, is shopping pleasure or torture for me, pluses and minuses of supermarkets and small local shops, I will try to describe my favorite supermarket and finally, I’ll express my personal opinion about shopping services in Lithuania.
To begin, it is necessary to say that in today’s fast mo oving world shopping became an essential part of people daily routines. There are a lot of shops where you can find everything you need. Such as: clothes, jeweler’s, furs, lingering, shoes, fabrics, confectionary, baker’s, dairy products and many others stories. To illustrate, if you want to have a smoke, you should go to tobacconist’s or if you want to roast a turkey for lunch, you should go to butcher’s.
In addition, many stories connect with each other and thereby compound huge su upermarkets. In my opinion, supermarkets are better and comfortable for people, who haven’t no time for searching the goodies, because supermarket is a place, where you can find many things under the one roof. So it isn’t a marvel why ma

any people prefer supermarkets than small local shops. However, there are people, who have a lot of time and they enjoy going to the small local shops.
There are a lot of people, who just love to shop. They can every day do the shopping, particularly the women. As for me, I’m like an ordinary girl and I love to do shopping. It is my one of the passions.
Therefore, my favorite supermarket is “Maxima” in Kaunas. There are many things, which are necessary for every day’s life. There you can buy not only food products, where there are baker’s, daily products, confectionary, butcher’s, drinks, grocer’s and greengrocers stories on the first floor, but you can find there either glassware, clothes, boutique, li ingerie, childreswear, furs, toy shop, menswear, footwear stories, which are on the second floor.
Some people of us like to use a phrase: “Custom is always right”, but I don’t agree with it. I’d like to say that there are many shoplifters and bad people, who just want to hide and explain with this phrase.
In general, shopping services are developed in Lithuania. Certainly, there are some limitations, but all this will settle.

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