Say yes for truth and liberty

Vaidas B
English 50
Essay 4 draft #1
Srping, 2006

Say yes for truth and liberty.

U.S has always been respected among nations and people. America has gained that respect by fighting against terrorism, tyranny and occupation. It has played a major role in Europe since World War I and II by sending its troops to help other nations fight for their freedom and rights. However, after September 11, the U.S has gone to war with Iraq. Since then the good reputation of the United States haas diminished. In fact, most of the people are now going against George W. Bush. The president should represent his country and Americans, as citizens, have to respect his decisions in national affairs. Since the war has started people are beginning to disagree against it. Where is that support that he had during the elections? A number of debates took place concerning the war issue. Society has broken into two parts: the people who support the war and those who doo not. I believe fighting against terrorism in Iraq was a good decision.

First of all, Saddam Hussein ran a dishonest and evil dictatorship in Iraq. By repressing any political movement that could have tried seeking independence or autonomy, he kept th

he whole nation under his feet. Iraq under Saddam was known for high levels of torture and mass murder. According to an Encyclopedia online ( being a true tyrant, in 1988 he began a crucial destruction against the Kurdish people who lived in the north of Iraq. As a result of this outrageous massacre from 50.000 to around 100.000 people had been killed. A team of Human Rights Watch analyzed around eighteen tons of captured Iraqis documents. Soil testing and interviewing more than 350 witnesses proved the existence of mass murders, executions and involuntary disappearances of thousands of noncombatants. The large use of chemical weapons such as, mustard gas, nerve agents and Sarin killed thousands of people. Hussein also took the freedom away by immprisoning tens of thousands of people; many of them are women, children and the elderly. They had to live in really rough conditions. And that is not all. According to the document this crucial ruler killed around 130 women. All of them were accused of being prostitutes and were literally beheaded. Their heads would be displayed in public with a sign nearby which said “For the honor of Iraq”. Now we are also aware of the fact how Hussein would use ch
hildren. As young as 5 years old they are recruited into the “Saddam’s Cubs”, where they were forced to glorify and adulate Hussein. They were also involved in the military which included cruelty to animals. The information tells us how in some cases parents of children would be executed if they reject this treatment, sometimes the children themselves would be imprisoned. In April 1991, after Hussein lost control of Kuwait in the Gulf War, the Kurdish (north) the Shian (south) started rebellion. The Iraqi soldiers killed from 40,000 to 100,000 Kurds, and 60,000 to 130,000 Shi’ites to stop the uprisings. In addition, after the invasion, a number of torture centers were found in security offices and police stations throughout Iraq. The equipment found at these centers typically included hooks for hanging people by the hands for beatings, devices for electric shock, and other equipment often found in nations with harsh security services. Hussein could be called second Hitler, but for some reason, G.W. Bush has taken over this “post”. In other words, the bad guy is considered the president but not Hussein. What did Bush do wrong? Has he ever killed a human?

Why do people hate a person who is trying to do good while an

n evil person gets away clean? Where are people’s minds anyways? After 9/11 took place it was like a trigger for the U.S. That was the time when America had to stand up for itself. Having the information that Hussein is supporting Al Qaeda and Iraq may have nuclear weapons; the United States had to intervene. Just think if the United States had not done that, I am sure America would have been attacked more times and experienced more tragedies. What do you think would happen then? People would not be satisfied again, they would be mad at George W. Bush because, supposedly, he did not do his job. So it would be his fault again. There is one say that would reflect the Bush’s situation right now “Hell if I do, hell if I don’t”. By the way, we are living in the 21st century, when people are equally free, have same rights and opportunities. Iraqis did not have the freedom that is why United States intervention helping the people to get their rights back by creating a strong democratic system. Those people who are against the war are so selfish. They do not care about the world and what is
s happening in it. They only care about themselves.

Secondly, U.S began war knowing that Iraq may have nuclear weapons. Between 1991 and 1995 the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq revealed the documents to develop massive nuclear and biological weapons. Fortunately, the large amount of the equipment was taken away and destroyed. According to the information,
Iraq has purchased 19,000 liters of botulism toxin, 8,000 liters of anthrax; 2,000 liters of aflatoxins that could be used against people. In addition, Iraq has purchased many bacteria’s such as cholera, salmonella, foot and mouth disease that could have been used to create a biological weapon. These facts were one more reason for U.S.A to start war in Iraq.

Thirdly, United States as one of the most powerful countries and plays a role as one of the leaders in the world. America is the best country in the world. Why? It is simple. It is an example to other nations because it has always felt compassion for countries that were oppressed by tyranny. U.S has always felt determined to save innocent people’s lives. It is the major country leading in economy, military power and cultural influence. I agree with Elie Wiesel and his essay “The America I Love” where he says that U.S.A had helped Europe twice financially, politically and militarily. The author also claims that “America’s credo might read as fallows: For an individual, as for a nation, to be free is an admirable duty but to help others become free is even more admirable. What a great compassion America feels for other people to put its own citizen’s lives in danger in order to free others. How could the U.S.A turn their backs and not fight after 9/11 happened? For example, if a person would hit you and you bled, what would you do? I bet most of us would fight back. So that is exactly what America is doing in Iraq, it is fighting back. Besides, the United States are fighting not only for America, the soldiers are fighting for the freedom from terrorism and peace in the world.

Moreover, talking about the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 it is full of assumptions that are not proved. You have probably noticed that basically the movie propagates anti-Bush and anti-war policy. The producer obviously hates the president. The movie shows lots of interviews that had no context. He would show phrases the president would say in order to turn people against him. We are not given the full interview so we do not know for what reason he said certain phrases. Also, the producer of the movie shows the Iraq after bombing it. By showing dead people he is obviously trying to get people attention and sympathy. People wake up! There is no war without victims. If we looked to the World War I and II we would see that thousands of innocent people have died. Millions of people have died because of Hitler’s holocaust. Thousands of people have died because of Saddam Hussein. There is no war without victims. The movie also shows the military people offering guys good money and benefits from the army. Why not? We all know that nowadays the life for most people is all about the money. Besides, people want to have a secure future after they are done with war and if they are alive. Basically, I think that the whole movie is propaganda.

In my way of thinking, I can say that the situation is different than some people think. On the news most of the things they show is negative and spreads the anti-war (at the same time anti-Bush) policy. It is easy to notice that the media hates G.W. Bush and his policy. Why people have the tendency always look at the negative side and so fall for it? They do not look at this whole situation from another point of view. Apparently, it is the cause of the media. I heard people saying that they do not like war and are completely against it. Sometimes I ask them how their opinion would change if they were occupied. The whole country would be under a dictator. Some of their family member or close friends would be killed by crucial tyrant and as a country they could not get rid of the dictator by themselves. How would their opinion about the war change then? Would they want somebody to come and rescue them from that terror and occupation? Yes, they would. My country experienced what it is like to be occupied when your own language and traditions are taken away from you, when the police would take the whole family on the street and just shoot them, when the police would break into the house in the middle of the night and throws the whole family in a train that goes to Siberia. My country citizens know what it is like to live in fear. If only those people who are against the war experienced what the people living in Iraq, Lithuania, Latvia and other nations had experienced during occupations and repressions. Maybe then they would appreciate the president’s policy and support the war in Iraq in a higher level. So after all I said, who do you think is the bad guy? Is it George W. Bush, or maybe Saddam Hussein?

Personally, I have a high appreciation for George W. Bush and his war policy. Unfortunately, some people do not have any respect for the president anymore. They reject the idea of the war without thinking of what could have happened if the United States had never began fighting in Iraq. Yet I am still happy to know that there are still Americans who put their lives in danger in Iraq to fight for justice and freedom. What a priceless sacrifice! May God Bless America!

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