Rercenzija “Dynamite in Europe”

1. “Dynamite in Europe” is a documentary book. It contains fragments from the life of evangelist James Stewart who lived in the middle of XX century. We can divide the book into two parts: the first tell us about James’ difficult childhood and adoles-cence, the second – about his life, as devoted servant of God.

2. The main characters are James Stewart, his wife Ruth and the author. But of cource there are some characters, who become the main in specific chapters. It iss for example “heretic” Jan Huss, minister Aladar Szabo, president of Czechoslovakia Masaryk and others. The book contains interesting and some times amazing facts of their lives and deeds; about a heritage they left us.

3. An action takes place in very different places of Central and Eastern Europe. “Dynamite in Europe” tell us about the great work of Holy Spirit, through a simple man – James Stewart – in Czechoslovakia, the land of Moravia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Carpatho-Ruthenia, Yugoslavia, Latvia and Ukraine. So acction is moving from one place to another quite often.

4. The book accounts the time during World War II, when the land where James Stewart was preaching, were occupy by Nazi forces. “Dynamite in Europe” very picturesque describe the situation of

f that period of time. There are a lot of pictures that show a hard life of people during the war, violence and compulsion of Nazis.

5. The main idea that I had noticed before and that lasted till the end is that God is not dead. He is alive and He can live in our hearts and express Himself very strongly through us by doing great things. But only if we want Him to do it.

6. I think this book is interesting for two kinds of people: a) who is interested in history, amazing facts of it; b) who is interested in spiritual life. This book is a great encouragement for everybody who believes in God, who fill the power of Holy Sppirit in daily life, have Jesus in his heart or want to have all this things. I choose “Dynamite in Europe” for reading not only because of attractive title, but because I was looking for something unusual, differ from our daily life, – and I find it here.

1. Swarm – masė, burtis;
2. Winsome – patrauklus;
3. Distinctly – aiškiai;
4. Bitterness – kartumas;
5. Exaggerate – perdėti;
6. Stipulation – sąlyga, susitarimas;
7. Prodigal – švaistūnas, palaidūnas;
8. Barefoot – basas;
9. Solemn – iškilmingas;
10. Rustic – paprastas, kaimietiškas;
11. Mob – minia, prastuomenė;
12. Cobble – grįsti apvaliais arba tašytais akmenimis;
13. Stanza – strofa;
14. Hollow – drevėtas, tuščiaviduris;
15. Adamant – nepalenkiamas, tvirtas;
16. Slummy – apnykęs, lūšnų (apie rajoną);
17. Vanity – tuštybė;
18. Purchase – įsigyti ką

ą nors brangia kaina;
19. Noddle – galva, makaulė;
20. Exquisite – aštrus (apie skausmą);
21. Smother – uždusinti, neleisti iškilti aikštėn;
22. Comrade – patikimas draugas;
23. Disperse – išsisklaidyti;
24. Perish – žūti, žudyti;
25. Erratically – keistai;
26. Persecution – persekioti;
27. Slumber – miegas, snaudulys;
28. Asylum – pamišėlių namai, psichiatrinė ligoninė;
29. Banish – ištremti, išvaryti;
30. Whirlwind – viesulas, uraganas.

1. Near the shop there was a large swarm of hungry people.
2. He was a very clever and winsome man.
3. He was very distinctly that he is not a local.
4. Eva Stuart showed us the difficulty and bitterness of their lives very clearly.
5. His words were clearly exaggerated.
6. According to our stipulation you have to be at home, why do not you?
7. Do you remember a story from Bible about the prodigal son?
8. He was barefoot, so I understood that he is a vagabond.
9. The presenting of an Oscar prize is very solemn ceremony.
10. Bob’s hands were strong and rustic.
11. Peter was only a one of thousand in the mob.
12. The road was cobbled not long ago.
13. Read me some stanzas of this poem, please.
14. It was amazing, but that tree was hollow!
15. On this point Lara was adamant.
16. He was afraid to go there, because it was the most slummy area of the city.
17. It has no price! It is a vanity!
18. After overcoming a couple of difficulties, he purchased his aim.
19. You are fool! There is nothing in your noddle apart straws!
20. When she had he

eard the new, exquisite pain rended her heart.
21. Every a little bit bolder thought was smothered and suppressed in that period of time.
22. Steven is the best comrade of mine.
23. After the order, a big crowd dispersed very quickly.
24. Everybody who knows too much was perished very quickly in that time.
25. Then they they disappear by erratically circumstances.
26. Persecution was a typical kind of violence against freethinkers during World War II.
27. Slumber is the best way of rest nowadays.
28. Asylum is not a nice place to have fun, is it?
29. My grandmother was banished to Siberia during the War.
30. The old house was destroyed by whirlwind.

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