Newspaper review

1. So I read a newspaper called SVEIKATOS ABC laikraštis. So from the topic we can decide what about it is and what information we’ll be able to find in this paper. The main topic there’s no doubt would be health and everything connected with it. ABC for me relates to essential things about medicine and health.

2. So the second thing that I noticed while buying it was the price. It is quite cheap. It costs only 95 cents so we can guess thhat this newspaper is allowable for majority. I have read all articles in it and made a solution that maybe it is more for older people, because it’s about health problems, which older people usually have. And there’s no doubt that there are only few young people who would be interested is such kind of information about medicine and diseases and so on. And it’s because we never think about our health when everything is ok. But maybe sometimes we shhould.

3. And now if to talk about articles. Of course they all are connected to health, about problems that are actual nowadays. There is much information given about stress, depression, diabetes, obesity and so on. I decided that this paper is no

ot recommended to medics or someone who is good in medicine because I really didn’t find any new information or something that I didn’t ever heard about.

And it is interesting that I found few articles not even connected to health. They were about Christmas, new year, what do it mean to our life, what do we eat then and other stuff not related to medicine at all.

4. If to talk about the most interesting and actual article for me, so it would be about sitting in the chair and how should we be sitting if we don’t want to hurt our backbone. It was quite interesting to get such information and now I know that we should make 135 degree anngle while sitting. Of course there was written about danger and everything else if we don’t site like that.

5. Now the technical side, It is made of paper that newspapers are usually made of, the first and the last pages are colorful and all other are not. They are black and white (typical colors). There are 12 pages. There are some funny stories on the last page. There is a crossword too. And it helped me to decide which one of neswpapers I

should take in the shop. On the first page we can see a big toy on the fir and rocks that sometimes are found in our kidney.

6. So something about advertisements in this newspaper. So it is full of it. There is many of it in every page. And every article recommends some kind of medicine and shows only one kind of it. For me the whole paper is like a big advertisement. There are even whole articles about for example “Pieno žvaigždės“and their production. About how tasty and healthy it is.

7. And in conclusion, sometimes its useful to read such kind of newspaper about health althought there are many better, but I gues there is something interesting that everyone could find in it. But I wouldn‘t reccomend you to buy and read it. You should better choose another besides the asortiment is really big. 

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