News report

Bank robbery – a person injured, huge sum of money stolen.

Yesterday the robbery striked Lithuanian Central Bank. At about 6:15 p.m. when an ordinary security turn began, security was off the hall. After about 2 min‘s a masked man walked into the bank and put a black bag and gun on the counter in front of a teller. He demanded to put an undisclosed amount of money into the bag and on his way to an exit one security guard ran into the hall, and was seriously injured. The surveillance camera from the bank on Čiurlionio Street caught the robber on tape. Investigators said the robber is a white man in his late teens or early 20‘s with blue or green eyes and a pale complexion. He is about 1,75 – 1,80 meter‘s tall and weighs about 70 kilogram. No suspect‘s have been found. Lithuania Banker‘s Association offers a reward totaling 20000 LT for an information leading to an arrest.After a robbery the security administrator said “It was a huge mistake, and it will never be repeated. We‘ll find a person who did this”. After a day, the Bank doubled his security, and changed the schema of security turn.