my plans for future

There is a time when you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It happens differently. Some people start thinking about it very early. They usually choose one profession and try to study as hard as they can in order to get the speciality they’ve chosen. So these are the purposeful people. Other people begin to think about their future profession later, when they finish school. It’s understandable. Leaving school is the beginning of independent life, but isn’t it better to prepare for this life earlier?A few years ago it was difficult for me to give a definite answer about my future profession. I wanted to be a computer programmer. I was becoming interested in computers every day more and more. I’ve studied informatics for a couple of years, and I was successful. There are a few reasons why being a computer programmer is a really good profession. Firstly, there are fyture prospects for this profession these days, in a modern world of technics. Also, I would earn a lot of money. I was thinking that there is no doubt about my future profession, but I was wrong. My doctor said that computer programming is harmful profession to eyes. He said that if I am going to do it for a long time my vision will get really bad. I couldn’t be a computer programmer so I had to think of another profession. After a couple of years I became interested in the sea and especially in geography. It was like a new world for me. Since I was a little boy I have dreamed about working on the sea. I was dreaming about that kind of job because my city in Lithuania was a seaport and I enjoyed watching the ships coming and leaving the port. I started to study geography and sciences more in order to become a mate and maybe one day a captain of the ship. I’ve heard that mates earn a reasonable amount. Some of them become very rich. And besides I would like to work on the sea and travel around the world, so I will connect two things: profit and fun.

The profession is chosen. And now I have to study very hard. I’ve chosen not the easiest way, and I know that. But I will do my best. I will study as much as I have to and even more. I hope that I will finish school with high marks, enter university, graduate from it, and then I will have the speciality with which the doors will be open for me everywhere.Some people can argue that becoming a mate isn’t the best choice. I respect everyone’s opinion. But sooner or later, everyone has to choose his future profession. And may your choice be right!