My own business

My own business

I don’t take part in any lottery, because I think that to win a million is almost impossible. But if I won a million it would be a big surprise for me, if it happen so, I would start my own business. Of course I wouldn’t get the whole million, because some money of my prize would be inherited by the government. A part of my money I would put in the bank if my business would be unnsuccessful it would be me the security that I wouldn’t stay without any money. The other money would be invested in my own business. I think I would buy a bakery. The first what I would do, I would buy a building in the centre of the city. It would have the best equipments for baking.

For good business need a good advertisement. Nowadays is a lot of ways how to attract the customer. I would spend a lot of money foor leaflets, advertisement on TV or radio, because a big influence is done by ad.

I would hire a few people to work for me. My demands would be very high. The workers would be young, because the young ones are se

elf-confident and energetic. They’re full of new ideas how to interest in the customers. By the way the youth is our future. But the manager would be with experience, because his work is very important. His job would decide if my business be a successful or an unsuccessful.
I think to consolidate would be rather hard, because nowadays is a big competition. The most important thing in the business is to trickle in the customers. I would do anything what to please to everyone. I would have the delivery service. I think to consolidate would help the good quality of goods and a big variety of assortment. If I consolidated in local markets I would sell my goods in other cities.
If myy business would be successful I would establish a café near the bakery where I would sell my goods. I think to own the business wouldn’t be straightforward, but I do what I can that my business would be lucky.
It’s a pity but it’s only my dream about better life. Maybe someday a miracle will happen and I will win a million and my dream will come true, because now I don’t have any possibilities to buy a bakery or to
o star another kind of business. If you want to make something you must have a financial capital or you could take the loan but it is too risky.

It would be wonderful to win a million. I think it’s the most people dream.

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