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1.News from all world
3.My city
4.Star – Avril Lavigne
6.Why do I like this magazine?

The interesting facts from fauna:
– crocodiles can’t put out tongue

– the some people are left guzzles 50 times a day

– camels has three centuries which keep eyes from sand

,, Park Europe” has waited recognitions between 50 best object of culture and borrows 30 place.

The richest indian who borrows 14 place between the richest the person of the world – builds the most dear house in the world.

The citizen of the world R. Kupstas walks ro oad of the politician.

My city

My city is Pasvalys. Pasvalys has got 510 years. Now in city Pasvalys live 8382 person. The city is small. There is three school:

1.Gemnaseum Petras Vileišis

2.Basic school Levuo

3.Basic school Svalia

In the city Pasvalys there is which ,,Greenish source“ depth of twenty meter. It depth a cave in Lithuania. Near to the city Pasvalys it is possible to visit mill Balsių. This senior mill in Lithuania. Here it is possible recreate, to arrange a party, grow dark. The environment de ecorates different etnographics elements.

Star – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne there is a singer, the writer of songs and the actor. Shes’s 24 years. It was born 1984 on September, 27th, in small city of Canada. The horoscope is Libra, eyes dark blue green, growth 16

66 centimetre, favourite colours – black, red. Now Avril Lavigne style female. It very much a novelty. Distinguishes beautiful songs for youth.


In a collection of spring of 2008 fashionably warm, light colours, easy fabrics, an elegant hairstyle.

In a collection of autumn and winter ray energy. Fashionably dark, grey, brown, black colours.

This season prevails contrast the coordination. A hairstyle of clothes man’s/female.

Why do I like this magazine?

I like this magazine because it is possible to learn about interesting resort places of city, about notables stars, is clear that fate horoscopes and another. Interesting news, fashions. I too like the name of this magazine.

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