My future profession

My future profession

Job in our public is very important so young people begin to work very young, over their summer holidays, even in youngest class, because everybody wants to have a cash to his ones expenses. Job in our days is very popular in boys life, because to find jobs for them is easier than for girls. A lot of boys spend their summer holidays working in constructional or shops. Like I said to find job for girls is very haard leastwise in city like Vilkaviškis. I think the best summer job for girl is work in cafe or shop. But in the future i want work syrious job, which i like. All the time i wanted to work with people.

Job in our public is very important, so in childhood kids have a dream about their future job. If we ask a little child, everyone will say that he wants to be a doctor, teacher, spaceman or ballet-dancer. Thought that iss very sad but not everybody can embody his dreams, because not everybody has faculty or vista needed to his dream job.

In childhood I had a lot of dreams about my future profession too. But all the time I wa

anted to work with people. But dreams time after time was changing. My dream was to be a doctor or teacher, like all little girls. But to date still I wish work with people. In the future I want to work a job which associated with medicine, because it thinks, that this job is very interesting, but same time very hard. Ditto in my plans is a psychology or biology study. I think that I try very much I can do that this dream came true. One more interesting range is interior design, but in our little country this is not very popular, so you have to study or work abroad, but I don’t want live in other country.

so i thhink that everybody must discover job for which you have a vocation. I think that work in our life is very important so i want that my job in the future would be very intersting.

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