My favorite film star

My favorite film star

Ever sine I first sow the actress Pamela Anderson in the film ‘VIP’, she has been my favorite film star. In that film , she played the boss of the company. The first time I saw this film was five years ago and I remember this beautiful woman ever since. She has appeared on the covers of all major sex magazines and is one of the faces of TV Channel.

She is in her late thirties ,quite tall ,and slender. Her blue eyes ,her small upturned nose and her large sensuous mouth give her a very photogenic face .She wears her shoulder-length wavy hair, loose. Sometimes her blond hair is tied back in a pony tail. Millions of people temporal her ideal figure ,long legs and a perfect breast. She is naturally well dressed and wears classic suits and shirts.

Pamela Anderson tends to be lazy at times ,but determined to be the best .Critics point out her tendency to be very demanding and her insistence on perfection .Her friends tell that she is really a kind and friendly person .In my opinion this actress likes to star in the provinces.

Not only Pamela Anderson is an actress and professional model but she is also a good wife to her husband , who is a actor too. She enjoys going to clubs and parties ,but she really stays out late. In her spare time ,attends with her actor husband .

In conclusion, Pamela Anderson is a beautiful (young) film star who has a talent ,happy family life and she will be famous for a long time.