Money turns the world go round

Very common nowadays opinion is that the money turns the world go round. The main reason for such statement is that money ensures a lot of opportunities and possibilities. Moreover, money help to implement new ideas and even dreams.

First of all, money gives the people all the convenience of everyday life and good opportunities. For instance, the one who has a lot of money can afford oneself to study in the best colleges and universities. Consequently, then one can expect a solid job in a prestigious company or government and participate in the life of elite society. In addition, good money can be a good start for one’s own business and give more profit.

Another significant point is that money gives a possibility to expand one’s horizon. People, who have a lot of money can travel around the world and get acquainted with different countries, also their culture, unusual nature and way of life. The new seen ideas can be brought annd arranged in the home country. For example, the restaurants of foreign kitchen, like Chinese, Italian or Greek food restaurants.

Last, but not least feature is that money can help the poor people. The governments of the countries can’t help al

ll the poor people, so different auctions and endowments are founded, where rich people buy expensive stuff or make contributions to the charity funds. Thereby, children in orphanage or boarding schools can be provided with better conditions. Very poor people and people of third world countries can get vital help.

In conclusion, money can do and help a lot of in life and it really turns the world go round. Still, to be rich does not necessary mean to be happy.

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