Modaliniai veiksmažodžiai ir neveikiamoji rūšis

Modaliniai veiksmažodžiai

Present Simple Can
to be able (to) Must
to be (to)
to have to May
to be allowed (to)
Past Simple Could was/were able ——–
had to
was/were to Might
Was/were allowed
Future Simple Shall/will be able Will have to Will be allowed

I – my, mine, myself, me;
You – your, yours, yourself, you;
She – her, hers, herself, her;
He – his, his, himself, him;
It – its, its, itself, it;
We – our, ours, ourselves, us;
You – your, yours, yourselves, you;
They – their, theirs, themselves, them.

Neveikiamoji rūšis
To be + V

Present Past Future Future in the Past
Identify is, am, are +V was, were +V will (shall) be +V would be +V
Continuous am, is, are +being +VV was, were +being +V ——————

Perfect have, has +been +V had +been +V will have +been +V would be +been +V

Type 0
If + Present Simple – Present Simple

Type I
If + Present Simple – Future Simple

Type II
If + Past Simple – Future in the Past
!!!!I, he, it, she – WERE!!!!
(would/could/might +V )

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