Europe is the centre of the world culture. There are lots of educated people. But you thought that these people were on your side not behind the iron wall. And we having lived for a long time under the rule of the Soviet Union, we are considered to be dark, uneducated people, like an unknown Indian tribe. Foreigners from west Europe ask stupid questions while interviewing us:Have you got a TV?Do you speak Lithuanian at school?Don_t you speak Russian at home?and so on and so forth.You offer your silly charity, which we don_t need very often. For example especially old personal computers which are of no use in the world. If we are a part of this world we do not need them but if we are an Indian tribe you think we_ll say thank you. We asked for a help, for a friendly help, to help us in rebuilding our country. And what did we get? Charity. Second hand things. Like a nation that hasn_t seen any civilization for a hundred years. West Europe thinks that old, useless and poisonous things are just for us. West European countries want to destroy our economics; they want us to be cheep hard workers. People come illegally to your countries and you want us to prevent it. They come to you not to us but we do the job. You just watch and do not help to support them. Together with west European culture we received drugs and other bad stuff. We think that you want us to return to slavery. You just talk nicely and think of your own money.