Jobs and profession


1.Witch of the areas of study are of interest to you?2. What subjects are important for your chosen profession? Are you taking exams in them?3. What personal qualities are essential to gain professional qualifications in your chosen area?

Jobs and professions. Your choice

Centuries ago in our world were only a few jobs but today there are thousands of varieties kinds of jobs, professions and new ones are constantly appearing. The majority of us have problems of choosing profession because this is very essential to further life and it is one of the most important decisions for every person.

Three years ago in Lithuania forty five percent out of fifty percent students chose to study social sciences, business or law, eighteen percent chose engineering, eleven percent pedagogy and for at least students, only two percent chose agriculture and veterinary.And we can see that in Lithuania are lots of lawyers, businessmen or businesswomen.

If somebody asks me that profession I will choose in future, I could not answer because I still don’t know what exactly I want. I am interested in the area of tourism, journalism, psychology. But I know journalism is not for me. Because journalist must be intelligent, sociable, in their mind must be a very large quantity of ideas, very good command of the Lithuanian language and their must reading a lot. This profession is very serious; you must pass all exams perfect. Psychology interests me because I want to help people to see the positive side of life, as well as to answer patient’s everyday issues and solve their complicated or mild problems. Most of all I am interested in tourism because I would like to travel around the world and have a lot of excitement (ispudziu), see the world from the other side. For these areas, student characteristics must be communicative, sociable, well-finding a common language with people, docile (supratingas), observant (pareigingas).

Therefore I have chosen the right exams for all these areas: History, Lithuanian, English, mathematics and perhaps geography. For my decision what kind of profession I choose is very important subject city, where I will study it. Because I don’t want to be far from my native town, home, friends and most of all my loving family. Other subject for my chosen profession is desire to study it. Of course if you not interested in your chosen profession, you will have many problems with future education, and it will be very difficult and boring.

In addition I still have a couple of months and my decision will change much times and also for it is the importance exams results.