Ireland is the second largest part of the British Isles.

Ireland is politically divided into two parts: Northern Ireland (Ulster), which is a part of the United Kingdom, capital Belfast, and the republic of Ireland – a separate state named Eire in Irish; its capital is Dublin.

Ireland is very beautiful country. The climate is mild and the grass is green all year round. It rains very often here, but it is never very cold, and it almost never snows.

Ireland consists of a ceentral plain surrounded by higher ground, especially in the north or south. The whole central part of the island is a low plain and there are only some low mountains in the south.

The rivers of Ireland are short, but deep. The largest river is the Shannon. There are some beautiful lakes in Ireland.

Cattle-breeding is the basis of Ireland’s economy. Industry is more developed in Northern Ireland than in Republic of Ireland. Belfast is an important centre of ship-building and of otther kinds of industry.

Most of the Irish people speak English as a result of centuries of England’s domination, but they are separate nation. The government of Ireland is trying to revive the national language of the Irish.

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