How Can We Make Our Town a Better Place to Live in?

Nowadays, developments in transport, energetics and industry have a significant impact on our city’s environment. Though it is hard to imagine our life without forests, fresh air and clean water, soon all of this can become things of the past. Toxic wastes pollute our river, the air is full of poisonous chemicals, trees are being cut down for paper. We must try to protect our town, otherwise nobody will be able to live here.
To begin with, the situation could bee improved if the municipality of our town encouraged people to use bikes and public transport more often or at least unleaded petrol for their cars. In this way, the number of vehicles on the roads would be reduced and we wouldn‘t have to breathe exhausted fumes every day.
Besides this, it would be a good idea if people stopped cutting down trees to build new roads or houses. As a result, we would have more oxygen to breath. What iss more, the government should provide people with information on recycling through mass media, so that more and more people recycle things. By doing this, they would save many animals from losing their natural habitats and innocent creatures wouldn‘t be th

hreatened with extinction.
In addition, water pollution could be solved by eliminating the disease-contaminated water from rivers, lakes and wells. Therefore, we wouldn‘t be afraid to get a skin disease while swimming in them. What is more, people living in rural areas won‘t have to face the problem of shortage of clean water and complain about frequent stomach aches.

All in all, the future of our town depends on us. If we continue to behave carelessly, soon the entire world will be destroyed. That‘s why, we must protect our town from the pollution and save its nature for the next generations.

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