Today I am going to tell you about Holland. I hope that for you will be interesting to hear about this country.
Holland is in the west Europe between Denmark and Belgium, by the North Sea. The capital of this county is Amsterdam, other important town is Hag, where are parliament and kings castle.
Holland is an international country, because there are living people from all over the world. There you can meet people from Africa, Russia, Japan, Turkey and lot of el lse.
When friend meet each other there, they usually give hand and kiss three times to the cheeks, this is the way how they are saying hello. The people there are very kind and friendly.
Very popular thing in this country is bicycle. As one friend of mine told me everyone without exception has bicycles, maybe not everyone uses it, but everyone has. The streets in Holland are very narrow, so bicycles are more comfortable. Just imagine a man with a suit or a woman with nice dress riding on a bike. For us it seems strange and funny but for them it’s normal. Some people ride on a bike about 40 km every day.
The other thing which makes Holland fa

amous is flowers. There you can see the biggest parterres in the world. The most popular flower is tulip and every day there is sold 10mln of this flower. Also there are a lot of canals and beautiful bridges.
Holland is the most liberal country in the world. It was the first country which legalized weak drugs. There are a lot of special shops called “coffee shop” where you can buy drugs, but firs of all you must be older than 18 years. And normal cigarettes you can buy if you are older than 16 years. Also in this country is legal prostitution, there a lot of “red line streets” in Amsterdam and other big cities.
And what about nightlife? There is very in nteresting nightlife in Holland. Usually everyone has his favorite bar, and goes there to drink, to talk with friends, play the cards or other games. At the weekend there very often is live music. In every bar you can see a bell and if you will ring that bell that means that you are buying drinks to everyone who is in that bar, so if you will be in Holland bar don’t try to ring the bell if you don’t wa
ant to buy drinks for everybody. Also the owner of a bar quite often gives drinks to the clients for free. The other interesting fact about bars is that in bars there is no food, if you are going to bar you are going to drink and if you want to eat you must go to restaurant or café. The discothèques in Holland are very crowded at the weekends. There usually you don’t have to pay for entry, there are only few discotheques where you must to pay, but in these discotheques it’s not so easy to get in. The best nightlife is by the sea, where are a lot of bars and discotheques. In this area you can choose any kind of bar with any kind of music.

Holland is very beautiful and a little bit crazy country, which I like very much!

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