The hobby essayWhat do you like to do in your free time? Your answer to that question may be your hobby. A hobby is any activity you do for leisure, not because you have to – like homework. There are many kinds of hobbies.You may not even know you have one!Do you like dancing?That’s a hobby!Do you often listen to music?That’s one,too!Almost all of my friends and family members have a hobby. In fact, my mother has several, from cooking to pottery and gardening. Gardening is her favorite – she grows all sorts of plants in the summer, and we always have fresh fruits and vegetables(which is good, because one of my favorite hobbies is eating!) My father is always busy, too,either with carpentry or doing crossword puzzles in the newspaper.My friend has an intresting hobby – collecting old radios made of wood.She likes to paint beautiful designs on them and sell them at the art fair. However, my best friend can never decide on one hobby.First he liked to read books, then he bougth a camera to take photographs, and now he sews whenever he has a free minute. As for me, I chose to take up model-making as a hobby. I make models of airplanes, cars and trains, but I most like making ships in a battle.So you can see, there is a hobby for everybody. If you still don’t have one, maybe you cound keep an animal as a pet, or knit sweaters and socks for winter, or learn how to fish.And who knows? Maybe your hobby will grow into your career!