Global Television

What is your opinion about global television?

Nowadays television is an ongoing concern which many nations have to deal
with. According to the resent research, a global television channel which
will appeal to the entire world population is possible, but in order to
make it work, the tastes of people in various countries need to be taken
into consideration.

It seems to me that, global television channel should be establish for a
number of reasons. First of all, television is one of the most popular
forms of media. If f you glance at the television schedule in any newspaper,
you will find a great variety of channels which transmit a good and bad
selection of entertaining programmes. But this isn’t just enough.
Frequently, you get tired of checking what it shown on all the channels and
this is the main reason why global television channel should be created.

What is more, we should pay attention to the tastes of people in heaps of
countries, because they have different programme preferences. For example,
80% of the people who to ook part in the research wanted to see full-length
films, while the others showed a liking for home-produced news and
domestically produced news.

In addition to this, programming should left to television controllers
rather than political or religious officials because then television
audiences are certainly ha

appier. The majority of people are disappointed to
have a state-run television, whereas regions which have independent
programming, got a clean bill of health.

Opponents of this view say that, global television’s time is not yet.
Firstly, it would have to omit certain programmes due to the unpopularity
in certain regions. They are also likely to believe, that it is impossible
to create an attracting channel and at the same time avoid cultural
differences. Furthermore, they are convinced that the idea of global
television will be restricted to a limited number of channels and to
specific types of programmes. The options for the next twenty or thirty
years will be more in the area of regional television, but not the global

All things considered, global television is certain to strengthen the
position of f English as the top language for media in the world and may
undermine the status of other languages. But despite increasing
internationalism, national differences remain and there is nothing to be
able to destroy them.

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