Ghosts and other mysterious beings

Ghosts and other mysterious beings
All of us have our own fairs. Especially children have them own fairs. The tails about witches, evils and other creepy things don’t let them to fall asleep at night. They dreams about it at nights and then shouting in the middle of the night like maniacs.
The adults is watching horror films about ghosts in old houses or murders and later they become crazy, they see these things at nights. These films are dangerous because children doon’t understand these tings some of them want to try it. For example in nowadays teenagers is killing them friends, striking in the streets and they are full of violence.
I think that ghosts and other mysterious things is not existing in the world but there are many ingenuous who believe it.
To fall into talk about aliens I think that people are watching too much television. They impress to themselves that aliens are exist. And they are believe in it soo they see aliens plates at night, they cant asleep because they see sorts lights and other things, I think its too much silly.
So I think that there are many silly persons who believe in it. They have a weak mi

ind and they can’t watch horror films because they bring problems to police and other services.

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