Foregn languages

According to the statistics, there are about 6-7 thousand languages. Six hundred languages are registered in the world atlas and three hundred of them are under the threat of extinction. English is one of the major language in the world, and geographically, it is widespread language on the Earth.
Firstly, English did not originally belong to England, but was brought there by the German tribes who took possession of the island in the 5’th and the 6’th centuries. Secondly, this language is ussed in Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in many other countries of the world. Moreover, there are about four hundred million speakers of English. It is the language of business, technology, sport, aviation and computer. Incredibly enough, 75% of the world’s mail and 60% of the world’s telephone calls are in English.
Why should people have to learn English? For many it is waste of time, energy and money. The other thing that must be said is that English iss not an easy language to learn. There is the problem of spelling, of the large number of exceptions to any rule. English is one of those languages which for many seems easy in the begging, but then the bridge be

etween basic knowledge and mastery takes a long time to cross, and many people give up. Nowadays English is very important in our lives. Knowledge of English is one of the biggest advantages searching for new job.
All children in Lithuania study foreign languages, school pupils are required to learn one foreign language. The most commonly chosen is the English language. It is very important to know one of the foreign languages, because you are able to talk freely to each other about business, politics, culture, sports, hobbies and many other things.
In conclusion, I want to say, that to know foreign language is very good and useful, but to forget your own, national language is very bad and inglorious.

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