Have you ever felt you were in a bad mood when it was raining outside or felt wounderful when the sun was shining brightly? I have no doubts you have. It’s
To begin with, it is believed that weather affects our mood. I agree with such opinion. If the weather is fine I usually enjoy it and feel energetic and full of power but if the weather is unpleasant, nasty or unpredictable I usually feel depressed and tired. Especially, I doon’t feel very well when it’s raining. It makes me feel sleepy and lazy, I can watch TV or sleep all day long. Nevertheless, when the weather is fair and shiny I feel creative, energetic and very industrious. So it isn’t strange that summer is the most favourite season for me and many people.
Moreover, I think, that weather forecast is useful, but not always it’s right. Sometimes forecast said one thing, but happens another. It is not reliable and right alll the time. So, we can’t always trust them. In addition, I think, that people are interested in forecasts, when they are going somewhere, for instance, on holiday or just for a weekend or when they are going to make a

party in open air. In other cases people are interested in forecasts when they have some kind of illness and are reliable on weather forecasts. For instance, the elderly feel pain in back or a headache when it is raining outside. So, the weather can do influence not only on our mood or feelings, but also on our health.
To sum up everything, I think that our plans to go somewhere are reliant on weather forecasts. It is obvious that the rain, wind or snow can readily ruin our vacations, that we have planed for a long time.

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