Food & drink

Food & drink

Food and drink are very important, because nobody can live without eating and drinking. These two things may be a great pleasure. Of course, we have to eat neither too much nor too little. Foods that are eaten on a regular basis make up a diet. Although geographic location and family traditions play major part in forming dietary habits, food choices vary from person to person.

Eating too much salt, sugar and fat can effect your risk of deeveloping heart disease and raise the level of cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol is a natural waxy substance made by the body. It helps to form digestive juices. Eating too much sugar can mean that you_re more likely to become obese and that means a higher risk of getting heart disease. Sugar may taste good, but of course, it contains nothing but calories. Sugar can lead to tooth decoy. Eating too much salt has been linked with high blood pressure, whhich in turn can cause heart disease. Fast foods are major part of many people_s diets. Fast foods are often high in fat, salt and low in minerals and vitamins.

It_s important to eat more fresh fruit & vegetables, to cut do

own on salty snacks, chips, nuts, to go easy on sweets, chocolates and to use less salt and sugar in cooking. But the most important thing in changing your eating habits is to cut down gradually.

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